Chasing Dreams.


This weekend, I spent some time with my sister and grandma. We went to my cousin’s husbands cafe.

Little by little. 

My cousin and her husband are both such an inspiration. Both did their respective university degrees, but have both since left the corporate world to pursue their passions in food and fashion. One has opened her own clothing boutique down on the Mornington Peninsula (Aurelia Boutique – Facebook), and her husband has more recently opened his cafe in Berwick.

Being an Accountant, at lot of the time its difficult to stay inspired and passionate at work. After all, stereotypically, accountants are “boring” and “have no personality”. This is definitely not me !! haha. I love my job and enjoy work, however, good food and cooking just make me happy to the point where it never feels like a chore.

One day, I hope I too am brave enough to be able to pursue, whether it be a career, or something I do on the side, within food.

For now, I will just continue to eat good food, in good company until that time comes…





Pregnancy has caught me completely off guard.

My assumptions of being able to eat whatever I want went straight out the window as soon as my Doctor mentioned that I’ve probably gained a bit too much weight too quickly!

Having built a career within Finance, I see myself as a level headed, logical person. Despite the warnings, I don’t think anyone could have prepared me for how emotional you can be during pregnancy.

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