Three months into motherhood…

It’s almost been three months since we welcomed Baby Bean now know as Zoey into the world. It’s been the most amazing, tiring and most challenging experience of my life thus far. Everyone always tells you how hard being a mother/parent is, but nothing really prepares you for what and how having a baby will make you feel.

The one thing that I have learnt and always keep in mind is that each baby is different and has their own personality. I’m now beginning to understand why many people refer to the first three months or so with baby as the “The first 100 days of darkness”.

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Pregnancy has caught me completely off guard.

My assumptions of being able to eat whatever I want went straight out the window as soon as my Doctor mentioned that I’ve probably gained a bit too much weight too quickly!

Having built a career within Finance, I see myself as a level headed, logical person. Despite the warnings, I don’t think anyone could have prepared me for how emotional you can be during pregnancy.

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