First proper date night since Zoey !

We were childless for a night out in the city ! My grandma was kind enough to look after our little bubba whilst my husband and I got out for a much needed night out.

When you haven’t been out in a while it becomes so hard to choose where to go !! We wanted somewhere that had nice food and we both hadn’t been before. We were tempted to go back to Rockpool, but after much deliberation decided on a place that was a bit less fancy. We chose to go to Red Spice Road, which we had both heard such great things about.

It didn’t disappoint.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 6.05.50 PM.png

We were warmly welcomed and shown to our seats. The restaurant was beautiful with a lot of asian inspired decor. We sat at a large round circle as pictured above and there were three massive pieces of artwork on the wall. I loved the big red asian balloon in the centre of the room.

Drinks to start; as a lover of ginger beer and lime I couldn’t go past the RSR Mojito, plus it was in a jug, so great value haha. It had mixed Plantation Original Dark Rum, Lick Pier Ginger Beer, lime, mint and spiced gimme and it was absolutely delicious ! Really refreshing and just yum!


Our waiter recommended either two small plates and one main. Seeing as we were both excited to even be out the house, we decided to order two small plates and two mains plus sides. This was more than enough for two big eaters !

The small plates were both generous. The lamb ribs would’ve been enough as a starter !

For the smalls we ordered;

Cured salmon, pickled radish, seaweed, herbs, dashi mayo, furikake &

Hunan style lamb ribs‐twice cooked ribs w/ green onion, chilli, Sichuan pepper, sesame.


I absolutely loved the salmon, whilst the lamb came recommended and was delicious, I found that it was really rich and the meat a bit fatty. The salmon was light and refreshing and was a great way to start. If I were to eat here again, I’d definitely order the salmon. The other option that we were considering, but couldn’t get as it would’ve been too much food, was the chicken wings ! I saw them come out and they looked delicious. I will be testing these out next time. If you do decide to go the lamb ribs, there is enough to serve three people !


For our mains, Matt couldn’t go past their pork belly which is meant to be one of their signature dishes;

Pork belly, apple slaw, chilli caramel, black vinegar

This dish was very rich and definitely needs the rice to cut through the intensity of that chilli caramel. The black vinegar lends itself nicely to all the other flavours and to help break down the sweetness.

I must have been craving seafood this night, because for main I chose Ocean trout, green mango salad, cashews, pickled chilli dressing. This was AMAZING ! Crispy skin and everything just worked so well together. I would definitely order this again.

With our mains we ordered a serve or rice and i ordered roti bread which we didn’t need but I just wanted to try.

In hindsight, I think we definitely should have ordered at least one curry, however there were too many good things to choose from.


We will just have to go back again 🙂


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