Spice Temple ~ Melbourne

I missed one of my work colleagues hen’s days so to make it up to her, a friend who also missed the day, took her out for dinner.

Here are some photos of the night and what I loved from the menu!



Spice Temple – Menu

As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you are greeted by friendly staff and smiles all round.

The waiters are attentive and know the menu well.

We started with some drinks, being pregnant, I went with a house made side, which was refreshing in the heat.

Spicy Ginger Beer ! (right)




For Entrees we went with;

  • King prawn wontons with aged black vinegar dressingIMG_4421

These were so tasty and had a good amount go spice in it. We would’ve ordered another one of these had we know how delicious they were !


  • Fish fragrant eggplant


Don’t fear non-fish lovers, I didn’t feel it was too fishy. This was also a delicious option to start with if you love eggplant.

  • Spice fried chicken wings with heaven facing chilli


This was so tasty and spicy, however we didn’t realise that the serving was so large. This is under their entree section, but with three ladies, this could serve as one of your main dishes.

Crispy, and flavoursome, on its own, or with a side of steamed rice, is divine!


  • Hot and numbing crispy duck !!!


This was my absolute favourite. Crispy and so much flavour with the sichuan leaving your mouth tingling from the spice. Couldn’t get enough of this one !

  • Beef fillet in fire water

I didn’t take a photo of this one, as it didn’t look that great on the plate. We didn’t really enjoy this dish all that much and at $49 for the main, we didn’t think it was worth it.

I think this one left a bit of an odd taste in our mouth and we couldn’t quite figure out what it was. The beef was very strong in the dish, and it might just be because I am pregnant, but i didn’t enjoy this one at all and we only had a few pieces of the beef from the dish.


It comes out served in a huge bowl of broth, which does look impressive, and you are required to scoop out the pieces of beef from there.

Don’t think ill be ordering this one again.



By this stage we were all pretty full (we blamed the chicken !), but there is always room for dessert, especially when you are celebrating !

  • Sweet corn ice cream, toffee popcorn and miso caramel sauce
  • Caramel chocolate and peanut parfait



Im not a huge sweet tooth, but that ice cream was absolutely delicious. I normally don’t enjoy asian desserts, but I would make an exception for that ice cream any day. The corn wasn’t too strong in flavour and it was just an interesting combination that made me feel like we should’ve ordered another one, as that dessert between three leaves you wanting more.


The parfait on the other hand, I take my hat off to anyone that could demolish that bad boy on their own. I found it so yummy, but VERY rich. Very sweet and very chocolatey. I love the combination of chocolate and nuts, and with the caramel it just makes for a very decadent dessert.

I gave up about after 3 spoonfuls, but there were no leftovers with dessert.
We all really had a great night catching up and its a restaurant where you don’t feel rushed at all.

Will definitely be back !



One thought on “Spice Temple ~ Melbourne

  1. Loved this post.
    I’ve never been because of mixed reviews but I’ll definitely be going because I trust your judgement!


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