Preparing for the arrival of baby.

When you get married, you realise how much more expensive everything is as soon as you drop the word wedding. I loved my wedding day, and it is still one of the best days of my life, however I can’t say I loved every minute of the planning and organisation that goes into it.

I thought that was it, until we got pregnant and I have since realised that baby shops are a whole new world where your cash can just disappear before your eyes !

Here are some of the things we picked out for our little girl…



Looking for a pram is pretty much like looking for a brand new car. Spoilt for choice, with so many different things to consider and a massive fear of FOMO if you pick the wrong one.

Some of the things that were important to me and my husband were;

  1. Ease of folding
  2. Basket space
  3. Ease of manoeuvrability
  4. Ease of use in general

The pram we ended up buying was the Uppababy – Vista in the navy blue.

Vista Pram Overview

We picked this pram as the basket size was good and it also has the option to add a second seat into it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 9.12.53 PM

The bassinet is certified so that your baby can sleep in it overnight as well, so it means you don’t have to cart around another extra portable cot/bassinet. The insides of the bassinet of this pram can also be removed and laundered when necessary.

This pram in Australia retails for about $1,099 and the bassinet is a separate $300 (which doesn’t include the stand).

Another pram we seriously considered was the Baby Jogger – City Select, which is also fantastic and retails for about $800. Baby Jogger Pram



For a cot I didn’t really have any requirements but fell in love with the Boori range.

Initially I wanted the Sleigh cot;

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 9.19.18 PM

However I stand at a mere, 5’1 and I found it a bit difficult to lean in and out of the cot. On top of that, my husband hated this cot as it looked too bulky and would take up quite a bit of space.

We ended up coming to an agreement on the Eton Boori Cot in white instead, which I love (brown version pictured below).

The Eton cot turns into a toddler sofa, toddler bed, as well as a full single bed if you purchase the converter kit. We purchased this cot on sale for $750 from Baby Bunting. This price doesn’t include the mattress, however there is a whole range of different mattresses you can purchase which will fit.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 9.22.33 PM.png


Car seats;

I couldn’t got past a Safe n Sound branded car seat as almost everyone I have spoken to about them loves them as they are known for safety.

We wanted to purchase the Britax Safe and Sound Platinmum Pro. This car seat retails or about $629 AUD (on sale) however we currently drive a Subaru Impreza hatchback, and this car seat would mean that the baby would be super safe but no one would be able to fit into the passenger seat of the car, and we would not be able to lower the back seat at all to fit our beloved greyhound in the boot and have extra luggage on the lowered two seats next to the baby.

Instead we opted for the Safe and Sound Millennia with side impact cushion technology. This car seat fits perfectly with the passenger seat moved up a bit and with the seat completely upright. This might be difficult if there is a taller person in the front, however I  will either be driving or if not driving sitting in the passenger side.


This car seat is also isofix compatible and we bought this on sale for $450 AUD.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 9.28.46 PM.png


I definitely think that it’s worth shopping around, or waiting for things to be on sale. You will find that most baby shops will actually price match, sometimes even online prices (inclusive of delivery), so try to never pay full price for anything !

The money you save, can go towards other baby items =D







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