How did I get here?

Where has the time gone…

I’m only about 12 weeks away from turning 28, and 14 weeks away from giving birth to my first child.

The last few years have been jam packed for me, in a good way of course !

Taking you back to the start of 2013, Matt and I ventured off to Europe for the first time together. Not our first overseas holiday, but definitely the longest time we would be, hopefully enjoying, each others company. Much to the dismay of my strict Filipino family, it would be just Matt and I travelling through Europe. I think my Dad stopped talking to me for about two weeks, but before leaving pretty much said “Have a good time, be safe. Don’t get pregnant, it will ruin your life.” – so dramatic.

Excited to see some of the most iconic landmarks in the world, we set off for about 6 weeks and to this day, this has been the most memorable holiday we’ve been on where we not only got to know the culture of different parts of Europe, but also each others quirks and daily habits.

Everyone was convinced that Matt was going to propose whilst we were away, but that didn’t happen. It wasn’t until we got back home, that Matt started preparing plans to get my ring made. Our Europe trip must have been my compatibility test.

After nearly five years together, August 4th, 2013 Matt took me to the Peninsula Hot Springs and then down to Sorrento where he proposed. A day filled with good food from start to end and in the midst of it all a beautiful view, and a ring that was more beautiful than I could have ever dreamed of.


It took a year to plan our wedding, a task that was exhausting and slightly stressful, but worth al the time and effort. We had a beautiful 14th of September day (2014), blue skies and sunshine. People always say to enjoy the day because it goes so fast, and they couldn’t be more right. Make sure you take in every moment and enjoy yourself.


March 2015, after living together for 6 months in a unit a close 5 minute walk to the beach, Olive came into our lives. A rescue dog from the gap program. A smallish (for her breed) black greyhound. There is nothing better than knowing that you have helped to save the life of an animal. Please, if you want a dog, don’t buy one from the pet shop. There are plenty of animal rescue sites that you can visit to help give a pet a second chance!

Its been such a pleasure to see Olive really come out of her shell and her personality really come through.


August 2015; we found out we were pregnant. One of the happiest and scariest moments of our lives so far.

September 2015; We finally got to move into the first house Matt and I bought together.


The years have just flown by, and it really makes you wonder where time goes. I’m sure that 2016 will bring more of this feeling, but its a nice reminder for us all to appreciate the good times, reflect on everything we have achieved/accomplished and to never stop dreaming and chasing our goals.



Peninsula Hot Springs

Our Wedding Reception Venue – The International, Brighton

Greyhound Adoption Program

RSPCA – Adopt a Pet



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