Pregnancy has caught me completely off guard.

My assumptions of being able to eat whatever I want went straight out the window as soon as my Doctor mentioned that I’ve probably gained a bit too much weight too quickly!

Having built a career within Finance, I see myself as a level headed, logical person. Despite the warnings, I don’t think anyone could have prepared me for how emotional you can be during pregnancy.

My most recent breakdowns have been attributed to:

  • My husband asking me which supermarket we should go to? – “Why are you pressuring me so much?”
  • Waking up so hungry but not knowing what I want to eat
  • Deciding to cook a stir fry, it turning out so salty that it was inedible – Note, I am asian, stir fries are in my blood !

On top of the raging hormones and first world food problems, I’ve also been swelling. My shoes don’t fit anymore so I’ve had to go out and buy a few new pairs of flats that I can wear to work. Goodbye beloved heels, hello everyones bad body odour on a peak hour train to the city ! Standing at a mere 5″1, everyone else pretty much towers over me on the trains and at work now. The pair of black Nike Roshes that I have been lusting after, which my husband bought me for Christmas, are now also feeling a bit snug. By the end of the day, I don’t even have ankles anymore!

I am bad in the heat at the best of times, more so now I’m pregnant. I’ve started getting carpal tunnel, mainly in my right hand. Its a constant tingling sensation in my hand apparently caused by the swelling which squeezes a nerve that runs down your hand and fingers. Oh, the joy !

What I’m doing about the food situation:

  • Trying to eat less hot chips, key word being try
  • Cutting back on sweet snacks, savoury snacks…Just snacks in general
  • Eating smaller meals but more regularly (this is difficult during work hours)
  • Aiming to walk at least once a day for about 30 minutes


What I’m doing about my breakdowns:

I don’t really know there is anything you can do about this. You are pretty much at the mercy of your hormones. Growing up in a typical (filipino) asian family, there aren’t many emotions shown other than extremely happy or extremely angry when you’ve “disgraced” the family. Even if there are, they aren’t really openly talked about, you sort of deal with it yourself in your own way.

What I have found that has helped:

  • Letting your friends and family help you with cooking and chores
    • Put your feet up and relax during this time; Hard for someone who hates not being busy !
  • Let your emotions flow and laugh about it later
    • You will find that after you’ve actually stated why you are upset you come to the realisation that you are being ridiculous, but the tears keep flowing anyway
  • Try not to overload your schedule and have time for just yourself
    • I love being social and with a touch of FOMO (fear of missing out), I find my schedule packed with no rest in between

What I’m doing about the swelling:

  • Trying to drink at least 2 litres of water a day
    • Apparently being more hydrated helps with less water retention
  • Getting up from my desk every hour to do a short walk around the office
    • I have an hourly reminder in my work calendar
  • At the end of the day, I try to keep my feet elevated as much as possible
  • I’ve found that Nine West have some comfortable, but still fashionable flats that are appropriate for work
  • For the carpal tunnel, I invested in a hand brace that I got from Chemist Warehouse. This helps to limit movement in the wrist to help the fluids drain during the night.
  • During work hours, I also try to move my wrists and open and close my hand

Despite all the complaints above, and the fact that I’m not enjoying pregnancy as much as others, I know I could have it a lot worse. Some mums to be have morning sickness throughout their whole pregnancy! I’m lucky that I have a supportive partner to help me through this whole journey. I know of plenty of women who are grieving the loss of their children, or even struggling to conceive…

So regardless of all the changes I’m dealing with, I still acknowledge how blessed and fortunate I am to have this bundle of joy on the way.





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